Q: I am just a hobbyist but I’d like my guitar checked out. Can you help?
A: Yes, we can handle all stages of setups and customizations and will be happy to meet with you
and discuss your needs.

Q: Can you touch up the finish on vintage instruments?
A: We have many years of experience with vintage instruments and restorations, and can accommodate
any level of work from light touch ups to complete restorations.

Q: I’m thinking about building a guitar but I’m not sure about finishing it. Will you finish it for me?
A: Yes, we can give you a professional finish just like our well known clients, and finish instruments for
many builders nationwide..Just call us to discuss the guidelines for sanding and prefinishing prep before
you send it in.

Q: Do you finish or repair other instruments besides guitars?
A: We not only do finish & repair work for acoustic and electric guitars and basses, but virtually
any wood/stringed instrument. from mandolins, harps and more. Feel free to call or email
with your specific project.

Please contact us with any other questions!


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Soloflight Radius Top
Soloflight Radius Top

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Rocket 88 Solid Body

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Visit Our Custom Shop

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