Gerhards Guitarworks is a full-service custom guitar shop founded by Robert “Cue” Gerhards.
Combining his skills acquired over more than 40 years as a woodworker, finisher, luthier and working
musician, Gerhards is known throughout the industry for his expertise, integrity and passion for achieving uncompromising quality. As the head of a leading custom shop for nearly 14 years, Cue pioneered
many of the exotic and artistic color combinations, techniques and finishes that did not previously exist
and are widely replicated today.

In addition to creating custom handcrafted guitars we offer complete services including basic setups
and repairs, restorations, refinishing, customizations & more. Specializing in fine finishes and restorations,
we regularly service numerous world renowned luthiers and are the exclusive finishers for several leading
American luthiers including Stuart Spector, Joe Veillette, Matt Artinger, Roger Sadowsky, Jeff Babicz,
Michael Tobias Designs, Ludlow Guitars, Ric McCourdy, Paul Hartman, Hot Rod 6 String Guitars,
Tom Anderson, Harvey Citron, Brian Moore Custom Guitars and others.


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Soloflight Radius Top
Soloflight Radius Top

Rocket 88 Solid Body
Rocket 88 Solid Body

Visit Our Custom Shop
Visit Our Custom Shop

I personally consult with all of my customers in order to ascertain what they envision as their perfect sounding
and playing guitar. My personal dedication and careful attention to every detail assures each customer that
their instrument will be the finest available. For years I have been performing “live” with my prototype guitars.
This fusion of practical experience and fine craftsmanship has resulted in instruments that offer a unique
presence and tonal quality like no other. Our guitars are backed by a lifetime warranty.


Gerhards Guitarworks • 5707 State Route 23, Windham, NY 12496 • Tel 518-734-5909
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